Welcome to our new and totally unique Coventry Auto Components Panels Catalogue.

Panels Catalogue download (pdf)

The aim of this information packed panels publication is to not only simplify the way that panels are shown to you, the end user, but also to show the full and diverse range of panels  and ancillaries that are available to us as XK Specialists with over  40 years trading in the XK-Parts business at the best prices.

This catalogue is very much unique as  Stuart and the team have also taken a great deal of time to include never before seen details of construction of the rare XK120 Early, coach-built vehicles (Alloy Cars), as well as including useful detail of fitting non-standard parts such as racing filler caps, correct chassis pictures and chassis modification equipment, body mounting shims and  also the under chassis panels and to finish off properly the floorboards (usually in stock).

We even keep in stock the essential, rivet-on, exhaust heatshields that are not listed as separate items in the Jaguar Parts Books!  This now allows you a far greater over-view of the vehicle build as a whole and also makes you aware of ‘non-panel’ items that are essential to setting up your body correctly onto the chassis.

We are also unique in offering a new 2-tier Panels Service:

1) For a fast supply of panels you pay the premium or Vehicle-Off-Road (V.O.R.) price, with a usual 3-7 working day despatch.

2) If  you have time to plan ahead, then allowing us a 3-8 weeks longer will open up our 40 years established, network of smaller, highly skilled, independent panels suppliers, that often can supply higher spec. or custom made, more specific panels for your needs at more cost-effective prices.  We like to call this our Pre-Order (P.O.) price as it is taken as an order plus agreed period delivery schedule.   This means that if you can plan ahead, we can help you to budget your build more efficiently.

With rear wings we always  recommend our superior one-piece, pressed wings, but can quote for fabricated wings (often made from 4 joined sections) if you insist under the P.O. System. If you have taken time to read our catalogue you will note that we even keep in stock the correct, 'self centering' wing bolt sets (part no. 1724-1728) and even the often forgotten self-tapping screws that Jaguar listed for the XK150 that sit between them.

Please contact us for prices, as we can probably save you more money than you expect, thousands of pounds on rear ends! Many smaller panels and ancillaries such as sidelight pods, (bonnet/boot stays also) are nearly always in stock!

We can also supply items such as FHC roof sections, although we have  decided not to included drawings at present and often can still obtain original body sections.  Please enquire.