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Welcome to the worldwide acknowledged home of the very best quality classic XK120, XK140 & XK150  parts, panels and accessories. We have set a standard for quality since this independent company was established in 1969.

We are proud to now have had a number of articles published in the XKClub's Gazette Magazine and many  other classic car publications. You will find some of them available for download from this website ( from the left hand index ).

Our top advisor, Stuart MacNeill  is Coventry born, and was a Jaguar Stores (CPS) Group Leader and parts man. Quite probably the only one you will find in the Jaguar aftermarket parts world!  He is a renown specialist in manufacture, supply and fitment of parts for classic XK120, XK140, XK150 and period  C & D-Types etc..

Our new XK120 Silicone and (1950's style) over-braided radiator hoses are now in stock, alongside many hundreds of new or recently re-tooled, quality products. We are very proud to say that most of our products are locally produced by skilled British Craftsmen in some of the best workshops in the Midlands! We even have a family run , sister company supplying top quality parts to us and  production / prototype parts to other mainstream car production facilities and the  M.O.D. 

We constanly re-invest in our own tooling on various products including XK150 door casing chromes and XK150 OTS door top and windscreen cappings. These OTS parts we recommend you purchase in the brass to tailor to your vehicle as we can guarantee uniformity of product but original or rebuilt cars can vary considerably.

Our vast experience means we can work with customers to find the parts that they actually need ( we have developed great detective skills to decipher the 'nick-names' customers use to describe parts ). We can also advise on and supply all of the other associated fittings required to fit them correctly.

We work very hard to see that these are the best reproduction parts available  and  we supply into the best trade outlets, restorers and workshops worldwide.

Please do not assume that all re-sellers keep our top quality parts, get informed & buy direct from us to ensure you actually get the best! Our specialists here  ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT and WILL HELP YOU to establish the correct parts that you need. 

I'm PROUD TO SAY, we run this company in a traditional, courteous, way, the way we (would) like to be treated when spending our own money, and are always pleased to help and advise. The phones, emails and fax are all manned, ready to answer and we await your enquiriesl. Remember that if you are passing, please do drop in and have a cuppa with us and explore the new parts stores, or go for a root around in Alladin's X-Kave! You never know who you may meet here!

You will notice that many copy our  established 'XKPARTS' logo, advert style and products, but most don't have the knowledge or interest to back it all up. So beware, you really can end up paying twice the price for half the quality from some suppliers!!

We are proud to tell you that we have  available to you, the world's only comprehensive C-Type & D-Type Parts Catalogue. It actually  includes original Jaguar part number data, taken by ourselves, from actual build sheets, and contained within its pages is information that will allow you to build the most accurate reproduction available.These parts are becoming rarer again as we have lost a number of specialists lately, but we will try to source the parts for you...

Now we  also  have the most comprehensive and easy to read  XK PANELS CATALOGUE available anywhere in the world,( I know, I drew it up!!!) ready to drop into your eager hands. It has a familiar 'Jaguar' feel but you will see it includes  a broad selection of hitherto unseen data such as exhaust heatshields, body shims, underbody bolt-on shields etc...

It is the first in the world to even include the structural panel data  for the early, hand built, 'alloy XK120s'. This catalogue can be downloaded from our Panels page and saved on your desktop with a click of your mouse.

Please download  the catalogue from our new 'Panels Page'  to your desktop or just contact us and ask for a catalogue or quotation.

  We are still the only UK manufacturer of correct XK Bumpers and over-riders using our own tooling.  See magazine features on this site for an independant opinion of the quality.

Our Commitment to Youxk reel

To provide XK120, XK140, and XK150 owners, retailers and restoration shops with a professional and friendly service, providing quality reproduction, genuine, re-conditioned or used XK parts in an efficient, enthusiastic and cost effective manner.


Coventry Auto Components is now based in a 2 storey industrial unit, in Torrington Avenue, which at one time was part of Coventry's industrial heartland. Located just 3 miles from where Jaguar's Browns Lane assembly plant was famously situated, and where all the 1950's cars were built. Our facility is essential to support the increase in our range of parts and provide the highest standard of supply within the market.

Our comprehensive parts catalogue is constantly updated and has been developed to help you to identify the parts you need, as is this website. If you take time to read the catalogue in detail, it contains those little snippets of information which makes your life easier in identifying the correct parts you require. Also cross-references to advise you on other items you may have overlooked.

If you download the catalogue onto your desktop, it has an Adobe  "FIND" search feature in the  Left Hand Top index drop-down box, where you can insert a search word or Jaguar part number to take you directly to highlights on all of the relevant parts? Clever stuff this new technology!!! And if that doesn't make finding and buying parts for your XK easier, I don't know what does. We use it here in the office as an essential tool!  

Not everything is available new, and some of the more obscure or complex parts can only be obtained second hand, or as an exchange reconditioned unit. Take a peek into 'Aladdin's Xkave' to discover your own treasures! There REALLY are some rare bits in there including XK120 and XK150 DHC front 1/4 lights and a hood frame!!! We also have most FHC door window chromes and rear quarter window frames too. If you can't see what you need, please just ask.

Maintaining stock is always a challenge due to old suppliers disappearing, but we are always developing new quality assured sources and we are continually investing in new tooling to expand or improve our already comprehensive quality product range. We are now agents for the Toyota Supra aluminium, 5-speed, gearbox conversion with all Jaguar spec fittings and  correct gear shifter and knob.

Our survival depends on our customers  loyalty and wanting to come back and we welcome any feedback regarding quality, delivery, costs, and service, so please keep us informed as we are very proud of our good reputation within our industry and hope it does speak for itself.

Customers are most welcome to drop in, or call us, anytime, but if you require a lot of parts, it is wise to pre-order, before visiting, to avoid dissapointment.

Thank you for your continued custom.

Stuart and all of the Staff